Product Type

  • | Mobility Platform for AI data acquisition


Model Name

  • | MPG V1 (Mobility Platform Generation V1)
  • | MPG V1 AK (MPG V1 Academic Kits)



  • | The ADAS logging platform, MPG V1 is especially designed for the data acquisition of high-bandwidth camera interfacing(MPI), ECUs, and others. The platform with 6 Gbit/s acquisition rate combined with SSD Add-on provides up to 4T Byte of logging storage.



  • | Edge Computing, Logging System, HIL System @ Autonomous Vehicles, Mobilities, Drones, Smart factory, and others


Key features

  • | Nvidia Jetson Xavier Support
    · Nvidia Jetson Xavier with AWS AI ML services
      and AWS IoT Greengrass, develop deep learning
      models and deploy on Jetson Xavier
  • | Built-in SSD card slot
    · Removable SSD card
  • | Camera logging
    · 4-Channel camera synchronize logging system
  • | Lidar, Radar, CAN loggin
    · 2-Channel CAN data(Use DSUB port), Lidar and Radar data (RJ-45)



  • | General
    · Carmel CPU Complex
        ARMv8.2 (64-bit) heterogeneous multi-processing (HMP) CPU architecture
        4 x dual-core CPU clusters (8 NVIDIA Carmel processor cores) connected by a high-performance system
        coherency interconnect fabric
        L3 Cache: 4MB (shared across all clusters)
    · Memory
        256-bit DRAM interface
        Memory Type: LPDDR4x
        Maximum Memory Bus Frequency (up to): 2133MHz
        Memory Size: 16GB
    · Peripheral Interfaces
        HCI host controller with integrated PHY (up to) 2 x USB 3.1, 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0 device controller
        1 x 1Gbit/s ethernet, 1 x 10Gbit/s ethernet controller
        2 x up to 5Mbit/s CAN FD
        1 x GPS receiver
        1 x 6Gbit/s SATA3
        1 x HDMI Maximum Resolution (3840×2160 at 60Hz)
    · Dimension
        MPG : H 67mm * W 241mm * D 135 mm
        MPG Academic Kits : H 155 mm * W 160 mm * D 160 mm
  • | Add-on
    · MPI-4L-4C (Mobility Platform Interface 4-LVDS, 4-Channel)
    · 4T byte SSD card
  • | Customization
    · Can be modified according to customer requirements