Product Type

  • | 4-Channel splitter solution for SIL


Model Name

  • | MPS-4L-8C
    (Mobility Platform Splitter 4-LVDS 8-Channel)



  • | The MPS is an ADAS SIL system splitter solution for analysis original and result image The MPS consists of a SerDes interfacing to Main ECU, and MPG



  • | ADAS Camera & Data Analysis for SIL @ Autonomous Vehicles, Mobilities, Smart factory, and other


Key features

  • | High-Speed interfaces for 4-Channel megapixel camera data 8-Channel splitter output
    · In: Parallel Interface
    · Up to 1.74Gbps Serial-Bit Rate
    · Out: Coax type GMSL 8-Channel output
  • | Synchronous logger for 4-Channel camera and 8-Channel splitter
    · Synchronously 4-Channel input YUV or Bayer data
    · Synchronously 8-Channel output YUV or Bayer data



  • | General
    · MAX 96706(GMSL) x 4 coax type input
    · MAX 96705(GMSL) x 8 coax type output
    · MAX 1280 x 960 resolution 30fps 12bit
    · Dimension
        H 80mm * W 140 mm
  • | Customization
    · Can be modified according to customer requirements