> V&V Services for Autonomous Car

• V&V (Verification & Validation)
_for sensor software, camera, radar, lidar
• Evaluation for autonomous equipment

> Development of Autonomous
_Car Sensors

• AVM (Around View Monitoring)
• DSM (Driver Status Monitoring)
• DVRS (Driving Video Recording System)

> Data Acquisition Platform Services

• Synchronized logging of sensors & data
_(Multi-channel Camera, Lidar, Radar, CAN)
• Monitoring for sensor data acquisition status
_of cars (Internal & External)
• Capturing autonomous system circumstances

> Edge Computing

• Development of AI model by real-time
• Verification of real-time AI model on devices

> Data analysis Services for
_Massive DaaS & MaaS

• Software of sensors’ fusion based on 2D & 3D
• Modelling for road & weather environment
• HD Map update & MaaS

> Cloud Services

• Cloud-Edge & Edge-Edge collaboration
• Data acquisition, upload, labeling and others
• AI Service
• Cloud-based AI module development

Why Cellplus Korea?

Cellplus Korea’s offering is to combine our skills with our customers’ demands,
with a firm commitment to meet our customers’ business goals.
With our accomplished engineers, specializing in all aspects of
Sensor and AI technologies, we provide detailed consultation as well as
a proactive aftercare service including H/W, S/W, and additional engineering services.
We love what we do and it shows in the products and services we provide.


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