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Features of Edge Computing

Clients are choosing our solutions due to below reasons

Portability and small sized

MPG’s dimension is 240(W) x 135(L) x 77(H) so it can be installed anywhere in car. Smaller than industrial PC. (No need to be installed in car trunk. Also, can give data to external PC via 10G)

Low power consumptionN

MPG’s Power Input is 12V – 19V (DC) / Max 40W (High efficiency) No need to worried when use other equipment together.

Attachable SSD & NAS & Cloud

MPG is using SSD, NAS and Cloud for storage. Attachable type is big benefit when you want moving, management, processing the data for next research. Also, it is expandable size of SSD & NAS.



Logging & Sync. for many types of sensors

MPG do logging for 4-Channel Camera, Radar, Lidar, GPS, CAN(x2) and others. It served REAL-TIME synchronization and sensor fusion, also.


Available porting with open CV

MPG consist of NVIDIA Platform and can do porting with Various types of Open CV algorithms such as ROS + Caffe and ROS + Tensorflow.


Monitoring UI & replay & customization

Customers can test customer’s own developed Algorithms by replaying the stored sensors’ data from PC. And they can check the data by frame and monitor CAN data by UI tools. We’re specialized in customizing service.



DAQ & Logging system for autonomous Car

Our edge computing device is used in acquisition &
pre-processing of AI sensor data for autonomous vehicles.


> Equipment for acquisition
_& verification of AI sensor data

• Acquisition of synchronized signal (DAQ&Logging system)
• Acquisition of data from sensors (Lidar,Radar,CAN,Multi-camera,etc.)
• Acquisition of sensor fusion
• Operating of Data Pre-processing through application of AI Algorithms
• Porting of AI Algorithms on edge computing
• Response to interfaces with various sensors
• Data center (SSD & NAS) & Cloud


Data center & cloud

Our edge computing is so ultra-efficient
that we can store acquired data in both of data center and cloud.


> Interlocking device between
_Data center & Cloud

• Cloud computing
• AWS, AZURE, AI Deep Learning
• Expanding storage volumes
• Machine Learning
• AI Annotation


V&V (Verification & Validation)

Our edge computing device is used in verification of
video pictures, sensors and AI algorithms for autonomous vehicles.


> V&V (Verification & Validation) Device
_Data center & Cloud

• Multi-camera splitter
• Verification of AI algorithms
• Validation of pictures from camera sensors
• Verification of autonomous vehicles’
_sensors recognition
• Automated data verification based on cloud


Remote monitoring

Our edge computing serves a real-time monitoring
system via 5G+ & WebRTC right in the center of the 4th industries.


> Remote-monitoring device

• Acquisition of synchronized signal (DAQ&Logging system)
• Communication via 5G+, LTE, and others
• Edge computing for Real-time monitoring &
_controlling via 5G+ & WebRTC
• Real-time controlling
• Simultaneous execution for acquisition of AI sensor
_data and monitoring of indoor/outdoor videos
• Extension of application to the various 4th industries
_as well as autonomous vehicles


We are providing universal hardware and customized hardware based on customers’ demands.

MPG V1.5
MPS Series
MPI Series
SPH Series

Development of Vision AI

We are proving development services of AI Algorithms for Edge Computing based on Vision AI


> Traffic/Road

• Traffic Monitoring System
_(Monitoring traffics and detecting illegal traffics and affairs)
• Over-speed Traffic detection
• Vehicle License Plate Recognition
• Lane Detection


> Medical Image Processing

• Medical Image Analysis
• Disease Detection/Prediction
_(Breast Cancer, Parkinson, Eye-related disease Prediction)


> Machine Vision Inspection

• Secondary Cell Battery Sheet Inspection
• Semiconductor Defect Detection System
• Vehicle Cylinder Defect Inspection


> Image/Video Enhancement

• Super-resolution
• Defogging
• Noise Reduction
• Demosaicing
• Blur Detection and Restoration
• Image Stitching (Surround View Synthesis)
• Stereo Matching
• Face Detection/Recognition
• Satellite /Aerial Image Segmentation


> DeepFake

• DeepFace
• DeepImage
• DeepData


> DeepWeather

• Classifying Weather Conditions on Roads


> Integrated Traffic Monitoring System

• Tracking cars for Stop, Reverse driving and walkers’ movement

> On Camera Monitoring
_Vehicle Detection System

• Judge parking of cars by Edge computing AI without service/cloud.

> Annotation Tools

• Annotation Tools for foods supply database

> Development of Object Classification Model

• AI Food DB & management system for customized meals for patients.

> Depth Estimation from a Single NIR Camera

• 3D depth prediction with monocular camera
• Conflict warning system based on estimated distance

> Object Detection from a FIR Sensor

• Detecting and tracking objects under various weather conditions
• Real-time scheme

> Hazard Monitoring Detecting
_& Tracking Workers

• Via Image captioning/scene Interpretation
• Monitoring wolkers’ safety via recognizing the status
_of wearing safety equipments

> Self-Spatial Adaptive Weighting

• Image segmentation on satellite & aerial Images
• Finding cells on medical Images

> Others

• Chips for AI removal programs of fog on smartphones.
• Transfer HDR technology to security company, CCTV and others.

Detection of Disease via Fundus Camera & Vision AI

Detection of Disease


ADAS Smart Detector
based on IR Camera for Automotive

Having troubles in bad weathers such as heavy snow, rain, fog, sand wind with vision camera even if it is high-resolution.
Thus, we are developing ADAS smart IR Camera for those bad weathers with night vision.

Edge Computing for Industry 4.0

We are providing H/W, S/W, AI Algorithms, Operation services, and Maintenance services in Industry 4.0.