What is

• The ADAS logging platform, MPG V1 is especially designed for the data acquisition
_of High-bandwidth camera interfacing(MPI), ECUs etc.
• The platform with 6 Gbit/s acquisition rate combined with SSD add-on.
_It provides up to 4 TByte of logging storage.
_And MPG V1 supports USB 3.1, 10 Gbit/s Ethernet and 2 of CAN-FD
_Due to the compact rack-setup, which is optimized for small space in the vehicle,
_you can install it and back your data up conveniently.


• Portable & Compact : Store huge amounts of data into the portable SSD card
• High-performance : Real time storage of the images from the 4-Channel camera
• Ultra-stable : Stable power supply without interruption in a moving, shaking vehicle
• Power-efficiency : Stable operation by ultra-low power (45W)
• Customizable : Various options based on add-on boards
• Customized software development available


• Autonomous vehicles (Edge computing for logging system)
– Pre-procecssing equipment on pictures-optimization for autonomous vehicles
– Data acquisition to develop the AI algorithms for the autonomous vehicles
• Autonomous drones (logging system)
• Safety control systems of smart factory
• Security systems of smart city (via CCTV) and others