What is

• The MPH V1 is an ADAS HIL simulation solution for electrical emulation of 4-Channel
_sensors and actuators. The MPH V1 consists of a SerDes interfacing to main ECU,
_a signal generator programmed in FPGA and a USB bridge controller interfacing to
_main SoC.
• The SoC of MPH is Nvidia Jetson Xavier with AWS loT Greengrass, which builds and
_trains the machine learning models quickly and easily. Also, it deploys them into a
_production-ready hosted environment directly.


• Super speedy Interface : Quick preview available by USB 3.0
• High-performance system : Carmel CPU complex connected
• High-Speed data serialization for megapixel camera : CAN, CAN FD supported
• Excellent synchronizing output data : Programmed in FPGA


• Autonomous vehicles
• Portable HIL simulators for testing of engine ECUs