MPI Series

What is

• MPI Series (a logging module based on GMSL, FPD-LINK) converts the data from
_multi-channel sensors into the MIPI YUV and Bayer data. And it puts the data into the
_logging module(Nvidia Jetson™ Xavier) synchronously.
• The mega-pixel CMOS image sensor interfaced into the MPI board and
_Nvidia Jetson™ Xavier AGX of MPI board receives the MIPI CSI-2.
_Also, Nvidia Jetson™ Xavier AGX supports the GMSL1 and GMSL2 through the
_PoC(Power over Cable) which shares the power and data at once by the identical cable.


• High-Performance : Parallel-to-MIPI converter inside / MIPI splitter and transmitter inside
• Super speedy interface : Optimized to 4-Channel megapixel camera data
• Excellent synchronizing : Synchronous logging of the input data from each sensor
_(up to 4-Channel Camera)