SPH Series

What is

• The SPH is an ADAS HIL simulation solution for electrical emulation of 4-Channel
_sensors and actuators. The SPH consists of a SerDes interfacing to main ECU, a signal
_generator programmed in FPGA and a USB bridge controller interfacing to NAS.
• The USB bridge controller is a Cypress EZ-USB FX3™.
_It is a SuperSpeed(10x of bandwidth) USB 3.0 peripheral controller that enables
_developers to add USB 3.0 device functionality to data and it creates high-quality HD
_images with no needs for compression.


• Super speedy interface : Quick preview with FX3 USB 3.0
• High-Speed data serialization for megapixel camera
• Excellent synchronizing output data : Programmed in FPGA


• Autonomous vehicles & Autonomous drones
_– Portable HILS 4-Channel camera
_– Solution for ADAS/AD camera