What is

• The PSM V1 is a power supply device by remote control. To let it work, we need only
_a basically built-in adapter in a vehicle such as a cigarette lighter. It carries electric
_power from a cigarette lighter adapter to an in-vehicle testing equipment.
• Our PSM device supplies very stable power to various equipment including the ECU.
_Power on & off is operated by in-vehicle PC connected to PSM by the RS-232 controller.


• Ultra-convenient operation : Quick & Easy connecting by RS-232 remote control
• Smart transformation : Electric power of 220V can be transformed to 24V power
_(up to 120W power supply) the most stable operating is under the condition of 12V(5A)
• Two-ways converting available : Step-down & Step-up convertor
• Smart control
_– Adjustable & regulated power supply
_– Adjustable buck-boost converter
_– Automatic temperature adjustment(cooler function) through its active temperature sensor


• Power supply for mobility platform
• Power supply for remote control system