What is

• The SPH-PCIe is an ADAS HIL simulation solution for electrical emulation of 4-Channel
_sensors and actuators. The SPH-PCIe consists of a SerDes, a signal generator
_programmed in FPGA and a PCI Express connected to the computer.
• SPH-PCIe is the world’s first to implement simultaneous output of 4 UHD-cameras.
_It is a Windows PC-based simulator equipment for
_the 4-channel 8M cameras-acquired and ultra-high-capacity images.
• PCI Express (based on x8 lane, PCIe Gen 3) supports a transfer rate of +8GT/s per lane and
_throughput of +7GB/s. It allows developers to simulate their algorithms on Windows-based
_PCs, and it provides the high-resolution images with no need for compression.


• Super Speedy Interface : Quick preview available with Window PC
• High-Speed data serialization for 8 megapixel camera : UHD class resolution
• Excellent synchronizing Output Data (up to 4-channel) : Programmed in FPGA


• Autonomous Vehicles / Autonomous Drones
_– Portable HILS 4-Channel camera
_– Solution for ADAS/AD camera
_– Windows-based simulation on PC